AGF Esport will be the leading talent developer in Denmark within CS: GO and FIFA. We want to make a difference in the fastest growing sport where young people can combine their abilities with our existing sporting values ​​- including physical training and mental health. Therefore, AGF works AGF Esport under the slogan; More than gaming. The mission is to be the best to develop talent in Denmark.

FIFA - from 2019, AGF Esport must be represented in the top five in Denmark with our top player and two talents in the top 10.

CS: GO - from 2019 we must be represented in the top 10 in Denmark with our first team. By 2020, we must be qualified for a minor qualifying tournament.

AGF Esport is built with two first teams, which in FIFA consists of one single player, while the first team in CS: GO consists of five players. Under each team there will be an academy team and finally there are secondary schools as a supplier for the academy teams and later at the top of the two first teams.

AGF Esport's first CS: GO team:
Anton "noteN1dgl" Pedersen
Thomas "TMB" Bundsbæk
Christopher "chr1s" René Stegmann Andersen
Kristoffer "kristou" Aamand
Albert '' zER0B0y '' Mikkelsen

AGF Esport's FIFA Players:
Lars "Primeturbo" Korreborg
Lucas "Fifalucz" Krøll

AGF Esport's talent centers will be located at:
Ung Aarhus Syd 
Femmøller Efterskole 
Skjern DHE 
Skrødstrup Efterskole 
Ølgod Efterskole 
Game Sport College 
Ung Norddjurs 
Ung Syddjurs 
Rydhave Slot Efterskole